Lapis lazuli Spikes

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These lapis spikes are a must have! With the natural porcupine quill spikes of the brown tips complimenting the natural blue faceted stone and embellished by the silver and AB lustre of the Preciosa crystals.

The wonderful deep Blue Lapis Lazuli stone is a semi-precious gemstone that has been recording popularity since ancient times. An opaque royal dark gemstone makes it unforgettable with Golden and Brown flecks. The renowned stone signifies truth, inner awareness, and wisdom. The name Lapis is derived from Latin, in which Lapis means "stone" and Lazuli is Medieval Latin word 'Lazulum' taken from the Arabic word Lazaward, meaning the Blue color of the stone. In Hindi, it is called Rajavarta (राजावर्त). The Blue Lapis Lazuli color that was known throughout the ages, was used to produce the ultramarine blue present in a lot of classical paintings, before the evolution of modern paint. Lapis Lazuli’s healing properties have been revered down the ages with remarkable Lapis Lazuli benefits. Natural Lapis Lazuli gemstone can be treated to make the Blue color uniform, make the gemstone durable, and for a smooth surface.