Sleeping Beauty Turquoise

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Single drop sleeping beauty turquoise with hematite on surgical steel earring hooks for 100% hypoallergenic and ethically sourced hand picked and cleaned porcupine quills 

The ‘Stone of Hopes & Dreams’

Allows one to express ones hopes with certainty and ones dreams with creativity. 

Turquoise is a stone to help one to take heed, to take a moment and breath. It encourages one to relax the mind, body and spirit in a healthy and positive manner. 

A stone that opens the Hearts energy centre to the allowance of love and commitment, and the Throats energy centre to voice and communication. 

Turquoise encourages one to express ones hopes freely and helps one to be able to know which of these are worthy of real certainty. Alongside this, Turquoise encourages one to approach ones dreams with creativity, helping to bring forth a sense of understanding and knowing that not all dreams can go as hoped or planned, but there are always those that can be brought into manifestation. 

Turquoise is also a stone that helps ease stress and neutralize anger, as well as helping to keep one calm and collected at the needed times. Where there are problems with speech associated with shyness, inhibitions, nerves and fear, Turquoise can be very beneficial in bringing a positive turn around.  

Turquoise a also a stone that eases tension, muscle cramps and headaches. Can be used to calm hot flashes, sooth high emotions and ease undesirable symptoms associated with hormonal changes. 

This is a stone for the creative soul, the artist, helping to bring more freedom and idea to the whole being. Also, Turquoise resonates well with children who have difficulties with communicating to the outer world, who struggle with systems and authority. A perfect stone for the Indigo child and Indigo Adult, helping to bring calm and harmony in communications and self expression in what can become a difficult world to handle. 

Turquoise releases the inner spiritual being, it brings forth an attraction to spiritual teaching and knowledge.  

“Life is more than learning from text, carvings or printings. It is also about learning from oneself, being the student and the teacher”​​​​​​​

What is the difference between the Sleeping Beauty turquoise and other turquoises from different mines? The Sleeping Beauty is famous for its rich blue color, which is what gives it value as well as appeal for the eyes. Also, in the Sleeping Beauty turquoise, there is no matrix through the stone, which makes it look cleaner and purer. It also usually does not require enhancement to make its color rich as it is natural. The Sleeping Beauty turquoise is the standard for all turquoises all over the world.